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Tunitas Cannabis Advisory is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in the commercial cannabis industry, with a focus on competitive license acquisition and regulatory compliance. We have hands on experience and deep knowledge across every aspect of cannabis operations from cultivation and manufacturing to distribution and dispensing to research and product development, and have helped companies win competitive commercial and research cannabis licenses in emerging and mature cannabis markets in over 15 US states and Israel.


We provide customized, results-oriented solutions to accelerate compliant cannabis businesses.


Tunitas provides expert commercial cannabis consulting services across multiple areas of focus from license acquisition to market research to business development and more. We have practiced in over 15 regulated cannabis markets across the US and Israel, where we have successfully navigated clients to win over 25 competitive cannabis licenses. Our range of services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Our Services
Commercial Cannabis Licenses

Project management, business strategy, document generation, and expert review services for pre-licensing stage companies prepared to acquire competitive commercial cannabis licenses for operations or research.

Technical Writing

High-level, technical content generation for any type of cannabis activity; documents created often include license applications, operational plans, research proposals, listing statements, educational curriculum, and more.


Strategy and support services to help teams navigate regulatory compliance concerns unique to their jurisdiction’s cannabis regulations in order to optimize compliant operations and generate affiliated documentation.

Market Research & Introductions

In-depth research projects for both emerging and established markets, producing reports/presentations tailored to each team’s unique business goals; additionally offers guided market immersion tours on the west coast of the US.

Business Strategy

Business development services for cannabis businesses focused on new market development, regulatory strategy, operational development, and storytelling/pitch development as needed to help launch and accelerate companies.


Wide variety of educational support services based in cannabis science for patients, dispensary technicians, medical professionals, regulators, investors, operators, and more ranging from presentations to workshops, staff training, and more.

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