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Tunitas Cannabis Advisory

Tunitas Cannabis Advisory is a San Francisco Bay Area based cannabis consulting company offering services globally. Our areas of expertise include license acquisition and regulatory compliance as well as business development, market research, and education. We have a strong track record across highly competitive emerging, regulated cannabis markets in the US, where we have successfully navigated clients to win over 25 cannabis licenses. We offer project management and support services rooted in cannabis science that are customized to each client’s unique regulatory environment and business goals across the follow focus areas.

Licensing & Compliance

Helping teams prepare for and win commercial cannabis licenses while also developing and implementing the compliant operational plans and SOPs required to maintain those licenses.

Business & Product Development

Supporting teams to strategically develop their business at any stage of growth as well as helping R&D companies focused on developing and validating cannabis products for medical use.

Market Research & Introductions

Conducting targeted market research projects to produce reports and presentations that serve client goals as well as curating and guiding a variety of market immersion tours across the west coast of the US.

Education & Speaking Engagements

Providing research based curriculum development classes, workshops, and speaking engagements for patients, industry professionals, and the medical community.

Lauren Silberman, Founder & Principal


Lauren Silberman is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Tunitas Cannabis Advisory. She is a versatile cannabis industry consultant with nearly 10 years of hands on experience supporting cultivators, extractors/manufacturers, distributors, dispensaries, and researchers alike. Lauren is a specialist in cannabis licensing and compliance as well as market research and immersion, business and new market development, and educational services. She has a deep understanding of the global cannabis landscape and serves as a strategic advisor for cannabis companies around the world.

Lauren is an SF Bay Area native, but her cannabis industry story started in Southern Oregon, where she began working with medical cannabis companies in 2011. A talented technical writer, Lauren transitioned from grant writing for nonprofits to application writing for commercial cannabis licenses in 2014. She has since helped a range of clients win and operationalize over 25 competitive commercial and research licenses in a variety of jurisdictions.

Before entering the cannabis industry, Lauren gained experience coordinating and publishing academic research, and regularly works with cannabis research organizations in both the US and Israel. Since 2015, she has spent significant time in Israel, the epicenter of medical cannabis research, supporting medical cannabis R&D companies focused on developing and validating cannabis products for medicinal use. 

Lauren is also a talented public speaker and experienced educator. She regularly gives talks and workshops focused on patient education, cannabis science, and new market development. She served as a Speaker at CannaTech Tel Aviv 2019, where she presented on the product development and medical validation opportunities available in Israel. She also loves to teach people how to roll the perfect joint!

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